Thomas Sae Young Ahn

Assistant Professor
Gatton College of Business and Economics
University of Kentucky
Contact: thomas dot ahn at uky dot edu [no spaces]
Curriculum Vitae (updated July 2014) [pdf file]

Published or Accepted Papers (Peer-Reviewed): 

"Matching Strategies of Teachers and Schools in General Equilibrium" IZA Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 4: 5  [link]

"The Effect of Sharing a Mother Tongue with Peers: Evidence from North Carolina Middle Schools" with Chris Jepsen, IZA Journal of Migration, Vol. 4: 5. [linkappendix

"The Short-Run Impacts of Connecticut’s Paid Sick Leave Legislation" with Aaron Yelowitz, [pdf file, theory, appendixForthcoming at Applied Economics Letters.

"Geo-spatial Patterns in Influenza Vaccination: Evidence from Uninsured and Publicly-Insured Children in North Carolina" with Justin Trogdon, American Journal of Infection Control, Vol. 43 (3), pp. 234-240. [pdf file

“Geo-spatial Patterns in HPV Vaccination Uptake: Evidence from Uninsured and Publicly-Insured Children in North Carolina” with Justin Trogdon, Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, Vol. 24, pp. 595-602.  [pdf fileappendix] 

"A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Graduation Standards and Their Impact on Students' Academic Trajectories.Economics of Education Review, Vol. 37,  pp. 64 - 75. [pdf fileappendix]  

"A Note on Bubbles and Worthless Assets: The Curious Case of General Motors" with Jeremy Sandford and Paul Shea Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol. 18, No. 1, pp 244 - 254. [pdf file , all results

“The Missing Link: Estimating the Impact of Incentives on Teacher Effort and Instructional Effectiveness  Using Teacher Accountability Legislation Data.” Journal of Human Capital, Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 230 - 273.  [pdf fileappendix

“Distributional Impacts of a Local Living Wage Increase with Ability Sorting” Economics Letters, Vol. 112, Issue 3, pp. 283 - 286 [pdf file-includes proofs]  

“Explaining Cross-Racial Differences in Teenage Labor Force Participation: Results from a Two-Sided Search Model”, with Peter Arcidiacono, Alvin Murphy, and Omari Swinton. Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 156, Issue 1, pp. 201 - 211  [pdf file]

“The Distributional Impacts of Minimum Wage Increases when Both Labor Supply and Labor Demand are Endogenous” with Peter Arcidiacono and Walter Wessels, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Vol. 29, No. 1: 12 - 23.  [pdf file]

"Paying to Queue: A Theory of Persistent Differences in Nonunion Wage", with Peter Arcidiacono. Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 55, No. 3, pp. 564 - 579.  [pdf file]
Working Papers:

"When Incentives Matter Too Much: Explaining Significant Responses to Irrelevant Information"  with Jacob Vigdor, July. 2014. NBER Working Paper # 20321 [pdf fileappendix
"Strategic Matching of Schools and Teachers with (and without) Accountability Pressure" Dec. 2013 [coming soon]
“The Impact of NCLB's Accountability Sanctions on School Performance: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from North Carolina” with Jacob Vigdor, Aug.2014. NBER Working Paper # 20511 [pdf file, table appendixfigure appendix]

"Peer Delinquency and Student Achievement in Middle School" with Justin Trogdon, Aug. 2014 [pdf file]
"Mend it, don't end it: Optimal Mortality in Affairs of Honor" with Jeremy Sandford and Paul Shea. Aug. 2014. [pdf file]
"Welcomed Entry in a Model of Multi-Market Contact” December 2003. [pdf file]

Other Papers:

"Were All Those Standardized Tests for Nothing? The Lessons of No Child Left Behind" with Jacob Vigdor, 2013.  [pdf file]

"Making Teacher Incentives Work: Lessons from North Carolina’s Teacher Bonus Program" with Jacob Vigdor,  2011. [pdf file]

"Dropout Prevention: Strategies for improving high school graduation rates" with various, 2008. [pdf file]

"Minimum Wages and Job Search: What Do Employment Effects Really Measure?" with Peter Arcidiacono, 2004. [pdf file]