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"multitudes of Books, begetting in the mindes of those that read them infinite Distractions, deprive them of the Benefits they might receive from fewer"

- Richard Burthogge, Organum Vetus et Novum, 1678, p.1.


About me:

There is a list of my academic publications here and a very brief CV here. There is a rather random collection of my work in progress here - a lot of it is handouts and slides from talks rather than draft papers.


Click on this link to reveal my email address:  I am also on Twitter: check #philos for academic philosophy.

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For Students:


From October 2009, all module materials will be hosted on the Virtual Learning Environment:

However, I am keeping the Spring 2009 module Atheism & Scepticism in the 18th Century publicly available so that others interested in teaching Early Modern Philosophy can see what we did.

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