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"Small Skyscape 7", March 2015. Oils on canvas, 40.5cm x 50.5cm.
I am an artist, living and working in Northern Ireland. I was an art teacher for many years, but now I am retired and pursuing my own artistic interests.

I believe that art is indistinguishable from real magic, that art is the true magic of our world. Thus, every creative person is also a true magician.
My studio

Art changes our perception of reality . . .
and thus art changes reality itself!

My way of working is primarily realistic, but I use it to express my concerns with both the outside world and my inner experiences. However, I was influenced by the artistic movements of Expressionism and Fauvism, as well as Realism.

With reference to my way of painting the outside world, I wrote "
General Manifesto for Experiential Realism". I also wrote "A Personal Manifesto" to elaborate on my specific interests. Many of these points also concern my way of expressing my inner realities. I welcome comments.

"Small Skyscape 6", March 2015, T. Spencer. Oils on canvas, 40cm x 50.5cm.
There are several reasons for creating paintings. But for me, everyone acts like a window and, sometimes, like a door. As a window, a painting allows a viewer to look inside the mind and imagination of the artist and, more importantly, if the viewer is able to connect to themselves, then it allows him to look inside his own mind and memories. But sometimes a picture can also act as a door. By this I mean that the viewer can relate to painting so intensely that it acts as a means of crossing to another world of experience, leaving them emotionally in a different place than where they were before.

The artwork of Inner Realism is concerned with exploring the mind, through the use of symbolism but painted using the visual language of Realism. However, my interest in the exploring the mind took me into another direction which has acted as a stimulus for further artwork. The central idea is that the mind can be thought of - literally – as existing within a series of dimensions, equivalent to the dimensions of time and physical space. The artistic result was a set of cards, each of which represents symbolically a different state of the mind.

I write a blog
, “ArtMagic”. 

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