Following are links to classes Tom Nielsen has developed/led/proposed, independently [or with others], for OLLI at Auburn University.
    • Extraordinary Knowing
      Participants will consider and discuss credible, scientific evidence for various modes of extraordinary knowing, including: non-local awareness (i.e., remote viewing, ...

      Brain & Mind: Fitness & MindfulnessThis class focuses on ideas, issues, research and technologies (e.g., methods, exercises, tutorials, programs) related to brain, mind, brain fitness, and mindfulness, ...
      Chaos, Fractals, Holograms & the CosmosThis is the wiki for the OLLI class, Chaos, Fractals, Holograms & the Cosmos.
      Noetic Sciences and The Lost SymbolExplore the facts and fiction of noetic sciences found in Dan Brown's novel, The Lost Symbol.
      "As physicists search for a unified field theory, so Carl Jung and others searched for synchronicity--the unifying principle behind meaningful coincidence and the totality of space and time." [with psychotherapist, Sandy Halperin, PhD]
    • Energy Healing Adjunct approaches to healing. [with psychotherapist, Sandy Halperin, PhD, et al]
    Can't remember all your credit card numbers? Can't remember all the grandkids' birthdates? Know someone (perhaps yourself) who can't remember to put the toilet seat down? ...
  • 'Under Milk Wood' & 'The Iceman Cometh' 
    Sharing two modern drama favorites: Dylan Thomas' 'Under Milk Wood' & Eugene O'Neill's "The Iceman Cometh'
  • Denial: The Gorilla in the Room 
    Denial is a fundamental and prevalent defense mechanism used by individuals and groups when faced with evidence which is contrary to their worldviews, beliefs, and self-interests. [with social psychologist Virginia O'Leary, PhD, Auburn University Professor Emerita]
  • Science & Near Death Experience
    Is there really good scientific evidence for NDEs? If so, what does it suggest or reveal about NDEs, human consciousness, and who and what we really are?
  • The Best of TED[with social psychologist, Virginia O'Leary, PhD, Auburn University Professor Emerita] 
         NOTE: This class will be continued, aperiodically; next in the  Spring 2015 term.
One Mind (Winter 2015)
based on the book by Larry Dossey, MD, will recapitulate and explore, further, ideas and research findings explored in such previous OLLI classes as Extraordinary KnowingBrain & Mind...SynchronicityNoetic Sciences...Energy Healing, and Science  & Near Death Experience.