the secret life of machines - the electric light - Google Video
Ergopod 500 details
Frink Server Pages
Thomas Raschke - wire frames
Services Kezanti
Kezanti Art
Seagate unveils "D.A.V.E." drive with Bluetooth and WiFi - Engadget
Does evolution select for faster evolvers?
PhysOrg news: Does evolution select for faster evolvers?
Tesla Motors - how it works
The official site for Tesla Motors, makers of the Tesla Roadster, the high-performance electric sports car. Includes performance, engineering, styling and purchasing information.
YouTube - AquaSkipping
STANFORD / Professor decodes life note by note / He teams with scientists to use music to simplify information
STANFORD <BR> Professor decodes life note by note <BR> He teams with scientists to use music to simplify information
YouTube - 01_workshop
Defense Tech: Pain Ray: Keep Waiting
Defense Tech: Pain Ray, R.I.P.?
reactable media
Inventor's toolbox
Welcome to Kinnernet 2007
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Sesame Street breaks Iraqi POWs
US interrogators are using Western children's tunes and heavy metal music to break the will of Iraqi prisoners.
Writings for Warriors
FishCam gives anglers an edge, purists irate - Engadget
Free Radio Berkeley: International Radio Action Training Education
Free Radio Berkeley, at the forefront of the struggle to reclaim the airwaves and break the corporate stranglehold on the free flow of news, information, artistic expression, and cultural diversity
» Storing wind power in cold stores | Emerging Technology Trends |
BBC NEWS | Europe | Italy mystery of prehistoric hug
Archaeologists in Italy unearth two skeletons thought to be 5,000 to 6,000 years old, locked in an embrace.
Case #97: Project Dragon Fish: Joe Takes Rocket Science to New Depths - 2/5/2007 - Design News
Joe Peck's exploration of underwater model rocketry brings him to new heights ... and new depths. See the video!
ICC Online | OpenSky 2.0
Levitated | Everything
Directory of all computational organisms at Thumbnail index of all Flash Dailies, publications, exhibits, and new work.
FTIR Touch Sensing - Miniature Helicopter Packs Bug-Like Brain
A 3-ounce chopper with an electronic brain inspired by insects could lead to better takeoffs, flights and landings for robotic aircraft. - Miniature Helicopter Packs Bug-Like Brain
A 3-ounce chopper with an electronic brain inspired by insects could lead to better takeoffs, flights and landings for robotic aircraft.
Sonasphere » Demo Videos
Northrop Grumman - Mission Systems - Market Segments - Key Programs - Touch Table
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems is known for its ability to master the largest, most complex systems challenges for government, military and business clients. Focused on advancing solutions that contribute to the welfare of the global community, the organization's technology leadership spans five business areas: strategic systems, missile defense, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, homeland security, command and control and technical services and training.
pasta and vinegar » A list of interactive tables
the radical radiators of the future - designboom
Sushi & Sensibility: The Discomforts of Home: Reversible-Destiny Lofts by Arakawa and Gins
Life and art in Tokyo by Kay Itoi
Video: Harmonica Lesson : The Train from ExpertVillage
Learn a simple harmonica exercise known as
YouTube - Gomi Style - Electric Motorcycle Conversion
Book of Paragon
Introduction to a solution of the mind-body problem using the perspex machine.
Travelistic: Culture Jamming 101: ShopDropping
Shopdropping is a tactic used by artists and activists to clandestinely place altered or recreated objects into retail stores. Handmade labels were printed out for students to color, cut, and paste. The project featured real people who make the products, their name, and sometimes even a story. The intent is to reconnect the labor with the product. To shopdrop on your own, go to There you will also find useful information on fair trade and labor rights. For information on other projects like this go to Music work by Peter Price @ and
Travelistic: A Hippie Haven in Arizona
When Bisbee's mines closed in the mid-70s, a bunch of hippies moved in, making Bisbee into a Bohemian, artistic, and free-spirited community. Development and gentrification have recently threatened Bisbee's character, but locals are determined to keep Bisbee modest, artistic, and authentic.
Single Channel NIR (Near Infrared) LED Absorption Probe
How it Works: Light from a hybrid LED lamp (5) is focused by the focusing optics (3), passes through a sapphire window (2), and then through the process stream (1). The resulting light passes through a NIR filter (4) and is detected by a photodiode (4).
Entrez PubMed
PubMed is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that includes over 16 million citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles back to the 1950s. PubMed includes links to full text articles and other related resources.
DARPA Soldier Self Care: Rapid Healing of Laser Eye Injuries with Light Emitting Diode Technology
Photobiomodulation by light in the red to near infrared range (630-1000 nm) using low energy lasers or light-emitting diode (LED) arrays has been shown to accelerate wound healing, improve recovery from ischemic injury and attenuate degeneration in the injured optic nerve. At the cellular level, photoirradiation at low fluences can generate significant biological effects including cellular proliferation and the release of growth factors from cells. Mitochondrial cytochromes have been postulated as photoacceptors for red to near-infrared (NIR) light energy and reactive oxygen species or mitochondrial redox changes have been advanced as potential mediators of the biological effects of this light. We have demonstrated in primary neuronal cells that NIR-LED photo-irradiation (670 nm at 4 J/cm2) increases the production of cytochrome oxidase in cultured primary neurons, reverses the reduction of cytochrome oxidase activity produced by metabolic inhibitors and attenuates cyanide-induced apoptosis. We have also shown that the action spectrum of NIR light for stimulation of cytochrome oxidase activity parallels the near-infrared absorption spectrum of the oxidized form of cytochrome oxidase. Importantly, there was no evidence of damage to the retina or optic nerve following 670 nm LED treatment in either the experimental or clinical studies. Based on these findings we propose that NIRLED photobiomodulation represents an innovative and non-invasive therapeutic approach for the treatment of retinal injury and disease. In summary, studies have demonstrated that NIR-LED treatment: (1) heals poisoned neurons by stimulating cytochrome oxidase activity; (2) protects against retinal damage and improves the recovery of retinal function in a rodent model of mitochondrial poison-induced blindness and (3) promotes retinal healing and improved visual function following high intensity laser-induced retinal injury in adult non-human primates.*RETINA, *LIGHT EMITTING DIODES, *OPTIC NERVE, LASERS, REGENERATION(PHYSIOLOGY), MITOCHONDRIA, ABSORPTION SPECTRA, NEAR INFRARED RADIATION, NERVE CELLS
Magnetism - Magnetic Matter - Helixes in the Ether ?
Crossed-Field AM Radio Transmission Antenna - 1/50 Wavelength Long; 100 kW
The reversed form of Maxwell's 4th Equation, states that a magnetic field can be produced without current flowing in a wire.
Warp Light Therapy Introduces the Quantum WARP 10® - Clinical Trials/Studies
ברוח המפוחית - Harmonica Breeze - למד מפוחית באינטרנט
לאוהבי מפוחית הפה מקום מפגש ולימוד מפוחית, מידע, יעוץ, ובמיוחד ללמוד נגינה במפוחית בדרך מהנה ונוחה ומודרנית. התקדמות בקצב אישי, לפי התקציב והרצון האישי.
MAKE: Blog: Graffiti Research Lab » L.A.S.E.R. Tag (and HOW TO)...
Comedian Doug Stanhope: VIDEO
Comedian Doug Stanhope
Human Slingshot in Japan
A daredevil gets launched from a giant slingshot in this crazy clip from Japan.
Peak Beam Systems, Inc., Home of the Maxa Beam Searchlight
AATD: Home
Aviation Applied Technology Directorate Homepage
Peptide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rennet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Doug Stanhope - Deadbeat Hero - Google Video
Doug Stanhope is an acquired taste. He does something most comedians wouldn't dare, which is he offends his audience. He almost sets out to .... 1 hr 15 min 17 sec.
Reflections From A Rotting Nation
Liberty Dollar
Reflections From A Rotting Nation
Tea Birds: Nothing but pictures of cute girls at tea. A tea blog like no other.
A pictorial tribute to beautiful tea-drinking women. Nothing but pictures of attractive women enjoying tea. A tea blog like no other...
A Swarm of Angels // Remixing cinema
A Swarm of Angels is an open source movie project created by Matt Hanson to make a UKP1 million film and a global member community and give it away to 1 million people.
WP: China treats Internet ‘addicts’ sternly - Highlights -
Alarmed by a survey that found that nearly 14 percent of teens in China are vulnerable to becoming addicted to the Internet, the Chinese government has launched a nationwide campaign to stamp out what the Communist Youth League calls "a grave social problem" that threatens the nation.
WIRED Blogs: Listening Post
Listening Post
Welcome to NineSigma — Ninesigma, Inc.
Threadless T-Shirts - Designer Clothing Submissions - Tees, Tshirts and T shirts!
Pagan Information Pages - Articles about Wicca, the Celts, paganism and witchcraft.
Clannada na Gadelica - Gaelic Traditionalist Resource Site
Tinmith-evo5 Software System for Mobile Outdoor Augmented Reality
Welcome to Adobe GoLive 5
Welcome to Adobe GoLive 5
Teratoma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
What Barry Says by Simon Robson & Barry McNamara - Google Video
What Barry Says by Simon Robson & Barry McNamara. Short animation. USA, global domination, war, oil, iraq, corporatism, new world order, con.... 2 min 40 sec.
google adsense sparklines - data visualization & visual design - information aesthetics
data visualization & visual design - information aesthetics
a weblog about data visualization, visual culture & information design, showing the most beautiful applications of information visualization
Flow Map Layout
.:: "BimboTown" Aktionskunst e.V. | Spinnereistrasse 7 | D-04179 Leipzig ::.
BimboTown ist seit über 10 Jahren ein wichtiges Projekt des englischen Aktionskünstlers Jim Whiting. Mit seinem Konzept „Unnatural Bodies“ erlangte erinternationale Bedeutung. Seine lebenden Skulpturen, die durch Pressluft oder elektrische Antriebe ständig in Bewegung sind bilden den Kern der Event-Location.Ergänzt wir das Ganze durch ein Vielzahl von Party-Gags, die das gesamte Publikum erfassen. Hüpfende Sessel und Stühle, das fressende Sofa, die berühmte Bettfahrt, schwebende Mäntel sind nur eine kleine Auswahl. Alles lebt von und mit dem Publikum. Ein Highlight dieser Interaktion ist das Schaumbad, wo sich erhitzte Gäste erfrischen können.Die richtige Würze erhält BimboTown durch die regelmäßig auftretenden Aktionskünstler und Bands. Keine Party ohne Performance. Aus ganz Europa und natürlich auch aus der Region kommen die Künstler,die mit Acrobatik, Theaterspiel und skurrilen Clownereien das Publikum in Stimmung bringen. Bei den diversen Szenebands geht die Post dann richtig ab.
Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory - Media
SuperBot Project : Home
Vivid on-line videos demonstrate Superbot progress
PhysOrg news: Vivid on-line videos demonstrate Superbot progress
DIY - How to build The Amazing Steam Candle | - blog about DIYs and Review on reviews of gadgets and technologies... - diy, hack, gadgets, and other cool emerging technologies here!
DIY - HOWTO make black powder | - blog about DIYs and Review on reviews of gadgets and technologies... - diy, hack, gadgets, and other cool emerging technologies here!
The Citizen Scientist
Heinrich Rudolf Hertz - המקלט תמונה במרכז המאמר הוא טבעת קלטית
Bathsheba Sculpture
ProMetal - Rapid Production
Andrew J. Hanson's Home Page
RePliForm FAQs
RePliForm FAQs
About the Robots
Mutant Palm: PSB Buys Tiny German Spy Copters, Builds Army of Cyborg Pigeons
WIRED Blogs: Danger Room
Danger Room
Rats' brain waves could find trapped people - 22 September 2004 - New Scientist
Rescue dogs are about to get some serious competition from sniffer rats equipped with brain implants and radio backpacks
Sites that Pay for Web Video: From CinemaTech
diagrammatic music translation - data visualization & visual design - information aesthetics
WolframTones: An Experiment in a New Kind of Music
WolframTones: A New Kind of Music -- Unique cellphone ringtones created by simple programs from renowned scientist Stephen Wolfram's computational universe
Graph Theory
Two countries took the drugs test. Who passed? | UK News | The Observer
Weird Bass Guitars | Weirdomatic
A small selection of
Jerd King
Neochroma | Vision | A Digital Stereoscopic Viewer For The Photography And Mobile Markets.
Neochroma is a product concept for a digital stereoscopic viewer that puts a large screen into the palm of your hand.