Tom's Cozy Page

Adventures in building an airplane.

Sometime toward the end of 1997, I ordered, and received the plans for a Cozy MkIV airplane. This page details some of that experience, and contains some notes about the build.

How it looks now:

Yup, it flies! First flight was March 2006. It is done with the Phase I testing, and now I am ready to take it on some adventures. Actually I am really ready to get it in the same state with me, but that is a whole nuther story.

It seems to fly about 150kts true. This is without wheel pants, or all the cleanups I need to do. The good thing about this airplane, is it will fly where you point it. A 172 will take some planning, to make a climbing turn (more throttle, etc), but the Cozy, yank on the stick, and pull 'er back, and it is doing your climbing turn. A little throttle never hurts, but it isn't necessary.

Lets talk about building. Well, I don't have a lot of images starting with the beginning. I sort of started with all the easy stuff, like the plans say to build. The mostly flat bulkhead, and sides. They were all done in my basement, and then when things got too big, I moved everything to the garage. When that got too tight, the plane moved out to the airport.

I used to have a better version of this page, but with ISPs changing, and moving around and all life gets complicated. I think between google and the wayback machine, it might be somewhat permanent.

Here is the wayback machine showing my page from 2006:

This is the log to my engine monitor building blog.

Tom Brusehaver,
Jan 10, 2009, 7:43 PM