Tom Rose is a journalist specializing in motor sports, outdoor and
adventure stories.
The stories are all true, relating to actual events and real people. The subject matter
includes vintage, classic & modern motorcycling, racing, flying, railroads, hunting & fishing
and competitive sports. These stories have appeared in local, regional and national
publications. Read Tom Rose stories, support the United States of America, our troops
throughout the world, our police and our teachers.
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                   NOW IT CAN BE TOLD!   The Incredible Story of THE 2001 BSA
                                                                                            as reported in RoadBike April 2009                                 
                           If you ask Triumph, they will deny that any such motorcycle exhists.
                   The Woodsman's Challenge: Hunting The Elusive Grey Squirrel
                             as reported in Florida Wildlife Nov/Dec 2009
     Shot-Gun Boogie, all I need is one shot- look out bushy tail, tonight you'll be
     in the pot.          1951 Tennessee Ernie Ford 

   The Great North Florida Quail Hunt of 2008 as reported in Woods 'N Waters May 2008 

     It is the best of outdoor experiences-the dogs working, finding and flushing the birds. The blast of the shotgun and the smell of

    gunpowder. Just the way your father & grandfather did back on the farm. A great hunting adventure, as uniquely American as mom,

    baseball and apple pie. 

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