Living life through a lens?

Here are just a few of the photography resources I frequent.


As with much of the web, many of these sites may be non-existent by the time you click on them. Report a broken link here.

A- Analogue or primarily analogue photography, processing, printing, etc. 

D - Digital only, but interesting nonetheless.


Here's some others gleaned from the web. Some links may be broken.

Magazines, Interesting Reading & General Links

Digital Themes - Review sites and more

Lenses, Filters, Software, Utilities, and other specifics

Darkroom Resources

  • Black & White World - Black and white film processing - the 12 step program
  • Darkroom Techniques by Kodak - Basic dark room techniques from Kodak
  • - This is THE guide for developing film and print. You select your film and it gives the developing times for a massive range of chemicals. The top level of the site contains a lot of tutorials also.
  • - Black and white film processing - the 12 step program
  • Sunspot Photography - tutorials on everything - cameras, lenses, film, exposure, lighting, darkroom, etc.

Manufacturers Hot Links

  • Agfa - film, papers, imaging it's all here
  • B+W - fine filters
  • Billingham - manufacturers of the finest camera bags
  • Canon -info on all of Canon's camera, camcorder & binocular products
  • Contax & Kyocera - makers of the lovely G2 rangefinder
  • Fuji - the "green" film company
  • Gossen - light & colour meters
  • Gruppo Manfrotto - makers of Manfrotto, Gitzo and Bogen tripods, heads, lighting supports and studio accessories
  • Hasselblad - think square
  • Ikelite - the underwater housing people
  • Ilford - they make much more than B&W chemistry & paper
  • Kodak - covers all areas of Kodak's business
  • Kyocera - makers of Contax & Yashica products
  • Leica - the name says it all
  • Lexar - the makers of the highly regarded media cards
  • Linhof - makers of BIG & W I D E cameras
  • Lumiquest - lighting accessories
  • Lyson - a leading inkjet paper and ink manufacturer. Nice results! See also for local info.
  • Mamiya - they have a mailing list, only you must live in the USA!
  • Metz - electronic flash units
  • Minox - teeny, weeny cameras, James Bond's favourite
  • Nikon Corporation Japan - check out all the latest Nikon
  • Nikon USA - or visit the US version
  • Pelican - cases so tough they are guaranteed against shark bites, bear attacks but not kids under 5!!
  • Pentax - info on their cameras and binoculars
  • Polaroid - see what's happening in an instant (pun intended)
  • Schneider - large format lenses amongst other things
  • Sigma - lenses, and more
  • Sinar - large format cameras + digital imaging
  • Tamron - lens & electronic imaging manufacturer
  • Tiffen - filter people