Cameras old enough to be your father 


Not much of note here, except for the fact that this is all analogue equipment. There's something of film and paper and trays of chemicals in a darkened room that really suits my temperament.



Nikon N80 - Surprisingly rugged for its size and weight

Olympus XA2 - A nifty little clamshell design with an amazing Zuiko lens

Medium Format:

Bronica GS1 - 6X7 - A standard wedding/portrait camera from the 1980s

Rolleiflex 3.5f - Planar lens - An outstanding camera from 1959

Holga 120N - The plastic fantastic toy camera

Large Format:

Calumet CC-400 - a nice, sturdy 4x5 monorail camera. Excellent for learning the basics of large format photography

Darkroom Gear:

Nothing special here, just a cheap but functional Hansa condenser enlarger, a standard Gralab300 timer and a nice, sturdy Saunders four-blade easel.

Though I have been told it would not work, or perhaps because I was told it would not work, I have developed a lot of prints using  instant coffee as a print developer. Here is my article on the process. (updated February, 2009)
If you've got a working darkroom, please give it a try. (It's easy) I'd love to see more people printing in this way.

Wish list:

Cameras I'd love to own:

I would just love to add a nice folding camera to my kit... I'm particularly drawn to the Super Ikonta line.