Living life through a lens

Having spent most of my adult life as a musician and educator, I only began to study photography seriously in the new millennium. After a couple of years with a digital camera, I returned/upgraded to film cameras and started to explore traditional and alternative processes. I shoot mainly black&white film, but I do have a small cache of old (old) Kodachrome 25 in my freezer for special occasions. 

 In terms of style, I would tend to associate my prints more with the "neo-pictorialist" camp than the f64 group. I do love a good, pure image, but I find the atmosphere of the pictorialist style really suits my vision and practice. 

As for what and how I shoot, though I occasionally photograph things (ie, subjects),  more often I am trying to capture within my subject some aspect of line or shape, some quality of light, some atmosphere that is not necessarily explicitly present in the scene in front of my lens. In my process, from composition to printing, I try to convey something essential which drew me to press the shutter, and which hopefully will engage others as well.

For more of what I do when I'm not taking pictures, check out Theatre Kent's website. And check here for progress on Sea Fever, a full-length stage musical that has been in development since Moses was a pup.