Dr. Tomonari Kaji
University of Alberta, Department of Biological Sciences 
Postdoctoral Fellow (Palmer lab.)
Email: flickloop(a)gmail.com

Research Area: Ecological and Evolutionary Developmental Biology, Evolutionary Functional Morphology of Arthropods

Current Initiative Projects
- Evolutionary functional morphology, and Eco-Evo-Devo approach toward origin of the snapping claw in caridean shrimps and amphipods.
   (collaborating with Dr. Arthur Anker and Dr. Lauren Hughes)
- Comparative morphology and development of silk gland in Tanaidacea using SBF-SEM technology.
   (collaborating with Dr. Keiichi Kakui and Dr. Kazuyoshi Murata)
Current Collaborations
- Morphology of gland system in Pheidole ant (Initiated, and investigating by Dr. Ehab Abouheif and M.Sc. Angelica Lillico-Ouachour)
- Comparative morphology and evolution of venom gland in Heterorhabdid Copepoda (Initiated, and investigating by Dr. Susumu Otsuka)
- Convergent evolution of mandibular configuration between Gnathiid Crustasea and Lucanid Insect (Initiated, and investigating by Dr. Yuzo Ota)

Selected Publications

Tomonari Kaji, Arthur Anker, Christian S. Wirkner, A. Richard Palmer (2017). Parallel saltational evolution of ultrafast movement in snapping shrimp claws. Current Biology. 28: 106–113.  [link to article]

Tomonari Kaji, A. Richard Palmer (2017).  How reversible is development? Contrast between developmentally plastic gain and loss of segments in barnacle feeding legs.  Evolution. 71-3: 756–765. (Cover Picture)  [link to article]

Tomonari Kaji, Jonas Keiler, Thomas Bourguignon, Toru Miura (2016) Functional transformation series and the evolutionary origin of novel forms: Evidence from a remarkable termite defensive organ. Evolution and Development 18: 78-88. (Cover Picture)  [link to article]

Tomonari Kaji, Martin Fritsch, Martin Schwentner, Jørgen Olesen, Stefan Richter (2014) Male claspers in clam shrimps (Crustacea, Branchiopoda) in the light of evolution: a case study on homology versus analogy. Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution 322:269-280. [link to article]

Tomonari Kaji, B. A. Venmathi Maran, Yuusuke Kondoh, Susumu Ohtsuka, Geoff A. Boxshall, Akira Tsukagoshi (2012) The lunule of caligid copepods: an evolutionarily novel structure.Evolution and Development 14: 465–475. (Cover Picture)  [link to article]

Tomonari Kaji, Ole S. Møller and Akira Tsukagoshi (2011) A bridge between original and novel states - Ontogeny and function of “suction discs” in the Branchiura (Crustacea) -.Evolution and Development 13: 119 –126. (Cover Picture)  [link to article]

梶 智就(2012)形態にとって新しさとは何か。現代思想、2012年8月号。[Tomonari Kaji (2012) Morphological novelty as the dialectic becoming of contextual motion. Revue de la pensée d' aujourd'hui. vol.40-10]

梶 智就(2013)輪郭線という背理。現代思想、2013年1月号。[Tomonari Kaji (2013) Paradoxical nature of the morphological contour. Revue de la pensée d' aujourd'hui. vol.41-1]