Tomokatsu Onaga

(Ph.D., Physics, Kyoto Univ., 2018)

Junior researcher (assistant professor), WINPEC, Faculty of Political Science and Economics,

Waseda University, Japan

Email: onaga at


Recent and upcoming presentations


I work on mathematical models for dynamics on networks and network analysis on economic data. Currently, I'm working with Prof. Yasuyuki Todo. My Google Scholar page is here.


network science, spreading processes, neuroscience, temporal networks, economics


Ph.D. in Physics, Kyoto University (2018)

M.S. in Physics, Kyoto University (2015)

B.S. in Physics, Kyoto University (2013)

Research Experience

Oct 2016 - Sep 2017: Visiting research student at University of Limerick (Supervisor: Prof. James P. Gleeson )

Apr 2015 - Mar 2018: JSPS research fellow (DC1, Supervisor: Prof. Shigeru Shinomoto )

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