"If  I had the time, funds, and freedom to do another 3 year Alexander training course, I would hands down go to Boston and train with Tommy Thompson! "  Kristen Fryer AmSat certified Alexander Technique teacher." 

For Information  Contact:  Jennifer Roig-Francoli at cinciatworkshops@gmail.com or (513) 923-0921  

To RESERVE your spot  send a check for your NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit of $220 made out to Tommy Thompson by February 15th, 2016: 

Jennifer Roig-Francoli

6427 Old Barn Court

Cincinnati, OH, 45243

Cincinnati Workshop 2015

Tommy Thompson Workshop 
April 15-17, 2016
 in Cincinnati, OH

We are delighted to welcome Tommy Thompson to share his knowledge and expertise with the Cincinnati Alexander Technique community this coming April!  Registration is now open.  See details below!

For the past 40 years, Tommy Thompson has taught the Alexander Technique to professional and Olympic athletes, dressage riders, scientists, physicians, corporate and university professionals, musicians, dancers, actors, children and the disabled. He has given close to 400 workshops for Alexander teachers in 14 countries. Tommy is on the faculty at Harvard University where he teaches the Technique to graduate students enrolled in the Institute for Advanced Theater Training, Harvard University/Moscow Art Theater and the American Repertory Theater.  Please come and enjoy this experience. 

Warmly,  Kristen Fryer and Jennifer Roig- Francoli  (co-hosts)


Topic:  Teaching Awareness

People from all walks of life are always asking me some version of the following:  “When I leave your studio, I feel great! I have a wonderful experience of being me apart from the experience I usually have of being me.  I like this experience and I want to keep it. However my new experience fades and I gradually revert to how I was before. How do I learn to find this experience again on my own?”

The answer of course, is not to try to find what no longer exists except vividly in your memory, i.e. your new experience of being you. No experience is meant to last. What endures is your awareness of potential (from the new experience in  being you) apart from the probable (from the accustomed experience in being you). 

But how do I explain this so that you will readily understand, and how do I teach so as to emphasize awareness born from the experience? What if I were to provide you with an answer along the lines of:   “When I am working with you verbally or through touch, you have a different awareness of potential in being you apart from your accustomed behavior, and that lets you have a different experience. When I take my hands away, I promise to leave you with the awareness. You own that. It is more enduring than the physical changes that are a part of your new experience.”  You have learned something, and from this learning you have a deeper understanding of who you are or might become.

In this workshop we will explore awareness born from experience as a means of making lasting changes.

What people are saying. . . 

— Victoria Cole, Workshop participant in training with Debi Adams, February 2014:

Thank you for the gifts of your being and your teaching in the workshop last weekend.  The fruitful combination of work that you offered us I've been calling to myself “practical compassion.”  For ultimately, that seems to me what you teach, i.e. a way of compassion for self and other.  The way you presented some very “classical” Alexander Technique, for example “Hands on the Back of the Chair”, seems both respectful of the utility of the procedure and  a re-framing of this procedure within a much larger spiritual context.  Within this context, I feel deeply listened to and seen. Hence, the whole week in my teaching studio as I have been experimenting with “holding space for the student”, changes have been happening in both myself and my voice students.   It’s deeply exciting to witness.

---- Glenna Batson, Alexander teacher, Anatomist, dancer and author from workshop in Boone, North Carolina October, 2015:
Thank you for the workshop and the personal work. 'Wonderful' seems too minimizing a word to describe the experience/awareness transfiguration. I watched so many unravel their identities and allowed my own to be melted, as well. You held a safe container in which we could allow the tactile depth of awareness to change us.  The amazing embodiment that emerged with the unfolding of father-son connections was deeply touching...
As I close the door to one long and difficult chapter of my life and open to another, I only hope I can stay the course and meet myself courageously in what I learned from you.  Take good care and I hope we cross paths again soon.
[Glenna's mention of the father-son relationship was one of several moments when working with people in activity, a young man of twenty-three played his classical guitar. Afterwards, the group was asked what was their observation of the difference between him playing with an emphasis on experience as contrasted with him playing from awareness of potential. One father of a trainee, who after hearing his son play, said: "I've listened to my son play since he was fifteen years old.  I'm not certain I heard him play any differently.  I don't think so anyway, but there was something different, I just can't put my finger on it."  The father was then invited to receive hands-on work from Tommy for the first time with a suggestion that this might affect, if not change his story he had held since his son began playing guitar. Then after experiencing himself being himself apart from the manner he had previously experienced being himself, his familiar experience of listening to his son play was altered. A deep level of awareness never before allowed to surface was replaced by a soft and moving explanation: "I've just realized that I have never heard my son play before, not since he was 15 years old. I always listened to him, afraid for him, afraid that he would screw up and make a mistake. This is how I have seen my son all my life...afraid for him, afraid he would screw up and make a mistake. This is the first time I have ever heard my son play...This is the first time I have ever seen my son."]

See more testimonials on:  www.easeofbeing.com

Workshop: April 15-17, 2016
10 am – 1 pm & 3 pm – 6 pm
Private lessons with Tommy available April 18th


  • $550 to attend. Early registration special: $450 if you register by February 15
  • Privates with Tommy are available for a discounted rate of $135 if you are also attending the workshop, or $155 if not attending the workshop.
  • To register send a check for your NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $220 made out to Tommy Thompson to:

Jennifer Roig-Francoli
6427 Old Barn Court
Cincinnati, OH, 45243

Workshop Location
 Ellen Bierhorst's home "The Lloyd House"
3901 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH, 45220

Remove shoes when entering the house and head to the third floor using the butler staircase. When you enter the house walk past the grand staircase towards the fireplace and turn left and you will see a back staircase that will lead you to the third floor and head straight from the staircase and enter the zendo.

Private Session Location TBD

Places to Stay

Kingsgate Marriot

This hotel is by far the closest to the workshop and runs about   $159-189/night.

Nearby Restaurants are on Ludlow Avenue, McMillan or Calhoun


Ambar Indian

Dewey's Pizza

Om Cafe

Sitwell's Coffee shop



Elephant Walk 


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