I live in Evanston, Illinois.  I am very gratefully married to Kim Erwin. We have two boys, Joey Erwin (born 1996) and Dakota Erwin (born 1999). I am a Sr. VP at Dātu Health, a start-up in the arena of consumer health.I used to work at Gensler, at Doblin and at VSA Partners, and I helped launch a pioneering research firm called Conifer Research. I write and speak about how design can help businesses innovate, which is pretty much where I've spent my career. Click here if you're interested in reading some of what I've written and presented.

Every June, I try to go to a great conference called The Overlap. 

You can see more about my professional background and interests on LinkedIn.  Here's an old resume if you want the full scoop prior to 2004 when I began to work on my own.

Here are some links to people whose work and thinking I enjoy and value.