Tom Kirk, Academic Library Consultant

I served as library director from 1979 to 2009 in three institutions. My work has had four major points of focus:
        • Information literacy and services to undergraduate faculty and students
        • Organizational development
        • Merging of technology and library services
        • Collaboration
My resume provides a full picture of my experiences, publications, presentations and consulting activities. Most publications are listed under Thomas G. Kirk, Jr.; the formal name I used until recently.
My consulting work is designed to provide the style of consultation which is most appropriate to an organization's needs. My philosophy is to find the proper relationship with the client along a continuum from outsider evaluator to process facilitator.  Along that continuum I support the following kinds of activities:
  • Organizational assessment
  • Development of needed documents (e.g., strategic plans, building program statements, policies)
  • Programs for faculty and staff
  • Professional development workshops
  • Coaching in program development (e.g., strategic plans, building program statements, policies)
  • Building program planning and development
Or any combination of these that is appropriate to the institution's needs. My work always begins with a free consultation to determine what services are needed and how my expertise might be helpful. The work of any project will be defined in a memorandum of understanding.  More detail about the services I might provide is available.

I can be contacted at 765-935-9013 or 765-716-0395 or at .
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