• A Business Researcher's Interests - A searchable site of Contemporary Business, Management and Information Technology issues, for student, academic and practitioner. [An excellent starting place to find what you need].
  • Hoover's Online - A searchable site providing company information. Some services are subscription only, but others not. Collect profiles of companies, search a database for corporate web sites, or browse the business tools or special features. If you are researching a company, this is another good place to start.
  • Knowledge@Wharton - This is a comprehensive site of Business and Management articles, including Operations Management.


  • Intute - Science, Engineering and Technology - The Intute Engineering Gateway is part of a UK education scheme to identify high quality resources on the Internet. Each resource has been evaluated and categorised by subject specialists based at UK universities.
  • TechXtra - TechXtra is a gateway of internet resoruces in engineering, mathematics and computing.

Improvement (benchmarking, performance measurement, process re-engineering)

  • American Productivity & Quality Center - A wide variety of information is available from the Center on these topics: benchmarking, knowledge management, measurement, customer satisfaction, and productivity & quality.
  • The Benchmarking Exchange - best practice survey reports available on benchmarking and performance measurement.
  • Best Manufacturing Practices Network - This site is provided by the US Navy, as part of a research programme to establish best practice. It is focused on their own work, but provides guidelines to their software and other practices.
  • Centre for Business Performance - This is a site providing a forum for academics working in performance measurement and related fields. Useful links to people working in the field and a comprehensive set of downloadable references.
  • Business Process Reengineering Online Learning Center - a comprehensive site, with an excellent online tutorial series leading you step-by-step through BPR. There is a comprehensive index of online articles available over the internet, as well as a yellow pages for BPR services (mainly USA based).

Innovation (design, product development, technology)

  • The Design Council - Naturally, this is a well-designed site. It is well-stocked with resources on all aspects of design, but concentrates on UK sites. A great place to start your search and to be kept up to date.
  • Design Management Institute - Covers all aspects of design, and details membership, conference and publications details of the DMI. Useful lists of design management sites covering: businesses, academic institutions, associations, and newsgroups that discuss design and design management.
  • Innovation Management Toolbox - This site is prepared by Joe Tidd and John Bessant, to accompany their book 'Managing Innovation'. It contains a variety of tools for thinking about and work with themes and issues on innovation management.
  • Innovation Toolbox - A useful site full of innovation tools from the Queensland Government in Australia.
  • Management of Innovation and New Technology Research Centre - McMaster - A good place for innovation sites. Apart from the research at the centre itself, there is an up-to-date list of conferences and list of innovation-related sites.
  • Management Roundtable - provides interesting articles and discussion on the trends and technology in the area of product development, including a Roundtable discussion group and a novel Product Development Assistant - a sort of 'tell us about your company and we'll tell you what you need to be doing to better manage your technology'!.
  • Technology and Innovation Management - US Academy of Management

Inventory Control

  • Inventory Operations Consulting - in addition to being a consultancy, this site provides original content including articles and a glossary; there are extensive links related to inventory management and warehouse operations.

Operations Management

  • Operations Management Center - Byron Finch has developed a comprehensive site on OM resources. This is a web resource site for his OM text which any teacher or student may wish to peruse. It is a comprehensive site offering a good starting point.

Operations Research

  • INFORMS OR/MS Resource Collection - (previously Michael Trick's Operations Research Page) Probably the most comprehensive OR page on the Internet. It is searchable by keyword. If you are looking for OR related resources and have not visited this site, then you have probably been asleep. Take a look.

Project Management

  • Project Management Forum - A comprehensive site and an excellent starting place for project management resources. The sub-categories include listings for professional and commercial links, and the library resources are detailed. A good layout and it is easy to use.


  • i Six Sigma Quality Resources - A comprehensive site offering a great insight into Six Sigma. A great starting opint for all aspects of quality management.
  • Quality Digest On-line - In addition to the benefit of news, tips, techniques and a searchable database of ISO 9000 registered companies, the on-line version of Quality Digest contains the complete text of the magazine - for free. In addition, it has regular on-line columnists from respected people in the field.
  • Quality Network - UK based site aimed at practitioners. Covering links on Quality Management, Environmental Management, and quality registers.
  • Quality Function Deployment Institute - This US based site is the starting place for learning about QFD. It is for novice expert alike. Learn about (and improve your) QFD methodology, access case studies and bibliographies, keep informed about conferences and events, training, and so forth. [Extensive and excellent].
  • TQM Resources - Bill Lindsay - A short list of sites and mail lists which serve as a quick link for newcomers. [Short and sweet].



Supply - logistics, purchasing, supply management

  • World Wide Web Virtual Library: Logistics - The most comprehensive of Logistics' sites, this is searchable and an excellent starting place.
  • Logistics Management Institute - A non-profit US organisation providing senior national security and other government officials with advice across the spectrum of logistics and acquisition issues. It has good links to other sites, especially the library links page.
  • The Supply Chain Council - A site for members of the council. Learn about their ideas on supply chains and download an overview of their Supply-Chain Operations Reference-Model.