"Shift Happens" - Duluth, GA 
"Great course"
"Very stimulating!"
"Worth a lot more than the time and money I invested!"
"Tom is amazing!  The best instructor in this state!"
"Tom is a great speaker.  Not only does he give real world situations that help you to understand and relate to the course, but he also makes the class fun!  Thank you Tom."

"Shift Happens" - Brunswick, GA 
"Fabulous speaker!"
"Bring him back for SRS designation"
"Very timely!  Much needed and appreciated."
"Great instructor!  Have instructor back for more courses in Glynn County."
"You are an outstanding motivational teacher - you know how to teach people how to make positive changes in their life.  Keep on teaching.  You make a happy difference in this world."

"Property Disclosures" - Brunswick, GA 
"Tom was a great speaker and certainly an expert in the field.  I really enjoyed this session!"
"Made subject very interesting.  Definitely would like Tom to return."
"Fabulous instructor"
"Excellent, pertinent examples.  Great sense of humor.  Very knowledgeable.  Held the attention of the audience."

"GAR Contracts - We're Under Contract!!...Or Are We??" - Waycross, GA 
"He is a great instructor.  We all need this."
"As usual, very good instructor."
"Great job!"
"Always great to have Tom as an instructor!"
"Excellent class!"

"Code of Ethics: Cycle Two" - Waycross, GA
"Tom kept the material interesting."
"Good job!"
"Good class."
"Mr. Gillett encouraged involvement and as a fairly new agent, I appreciated that."
"He kept me alert and awake even though I had not had my morning coffee.  Will definitely sign up for another course of his."
"Wonderful job!"
"Material was current and Tom kept it moving - very knowledgeable."

"New Member Code of Ethics" - Douglasville, GA
"I enjoyed this Ethics class.  I have taken other Ethics classes where I did not learn anything.  This instructor was very knowledgeable."
"Instructor convinced me to take more classes."
"I would attend any classes Tom teaches.  Great instructor."
"Tom does a great job illustrating his point."

"Fair Housing" - Clayton, GA 
""Uncomfortable environment.  Room was dirty.  No coffee break."  I think this person was having a bad day!  I didn't pick the facility, I wasn't responsible for cleaning the facility, and if they would have just asked, I would have bought them a cup of coffee!!  tg
"Really enjoyed the class, very informative"  Dirty room and everything??!!  I LOVE people like this!! 
"Again great class.  Very well presented.  Always enjoy your classes"  NOW I'm feeling the love! 
"Like his teaching style!"

"GAR Contacts - We're Under Contract!!...Or Are We??" - Clayton, GA 
"Enjoyable, educational."
"Great teacher, keeps it interesting"
"Very interesting, but rambles a bit" Why do people have to throw in the "but's"?  It was going so well up until then.  :-) tg
"Great instructor.  Keep him coming back!"
"Very interesting class.  Instructor held my attention and clearly explained issues!?"
"Wonderful instructor.  Very informative and interesting."
"Great speaker"
"Thanks for stating the facts.  I hope we all follow your facts and knowledge."

"GAR Contracts - We're Under Contract!!...Or Are We??" - Douglasville, GA 
"Great class!  Always love taking his classes.  He's the best."
"He's fantastic as usual.  Great info.  Pulled at least three better/good ways to do business."
"Instructor was well spoken and very knowledgeable.  Excellent presentation and held class attention."

"GAR Contracts - We're Under Contract!!...Or Are We??" - Chattanooga, TN 
"Very good and informative!  Please bring more education like this to North Georgia."
"Very interesting!"
"Very informative and clear."
"Very good class - let's do more."
"I don't want to know about his wife's "push present" when their kids were born.  Too many stories, couldn't stick to subject.  I got more info from a Title Company that went over the forms and it took about 2 hours."  Try as you will, you can't make 'em all happy!  "Push present"???  Don't even know what that is!!  I can only hope his (or her) day got better!!!  tg
"Thank you for all your knowledge and for passing it on."
"Have Mr. Gillett back more often."

"GAR Contracts - We're Under Contract!!...Or Are We??" - Chattanooga Board of REALTORS
"Was enjoyable"