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"war does not determine who is right, only who left" call of duty 4 , "Bangtash" Harry willet 2009, "Eat shit and die!!" Dom Santiago 2006, "i can pretend to play guitar" Tom & Joe Houghton 2009, "just smell it" Francis 'Retard' Houghton when he's showing you somthing in-edable, " where do you think it is" Francis 'retard' Houghton all the time, "freedom is a state of mind" written on a wall in ireland, "who is this yokel" Vlad 2008, "FUUUKAAA YOUUU!!!" Niko Belic 2008, "qualty, did u see wt i just did it was amazing!!" lewis taylor when he does somthing shit, "why did u dump anita" everyone since 2nd december 2009, "your my wonderwall" (WTF) oasis talking shit since 1991, "robust juice extractor" facebook advert 2009, "you've been tagged" :(, "when in doubt, punch the fat kid" Tom Houghton 2008, "go outside" Mr Brard every lesson, "GRAPHICS" just joe sometimes, "OMG Call a du'y, i'm well good" everyone sice call of duty 4, "Yh but they wouldn't be very good on the radio would they?" Francis Houghton whilst describing the dance group diversity 2009, "X FACTOR 2008!!" Dermot O'learly on xfactor 12/12/09, "20 points to gryfindor!" Tom Houghton at every opertunity,

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