Here are links to several videos of Tom's compositions performed by groups during lockdown.
Ninian’s Gift for four voices here.
Three Tom Fleming Songs for voice and piano here.
Bogle Boogie
for children's choir and orchestra here.
The Wild Haggis for children's choir here.
from Scotland at Night here.
Love over Scotland for wind quintet and singer here.
Five Auden Songs for voice and piano here.
A song from Livingstone presumed here.
Tom singing his own tune to a Burns song here.

And here is the talk Tom and Alexander McCall Smith gave about their 12 years of collaboration resulting in six stage shows and many song cycles, which have had multiple performances.

And here are links to short extracts from Tom's works for the stage:
An extract from The Okavango Macbeth here.
An extract from The Tumbling Lassie here.
An extract from Dandie Dinmont here.

Listen to a wonderful performance of Tom's setting of Loch Lomond by the Aberdeen Vocal Ensemble here.

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and choir performed Patapan in six concerts in December 2019. Conductor Ian Tracey said:"They all loved it, and the choir were going around singing it - it became their jingle - very catchy."

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra and chorus performed For unto us a child is born in five concerts in December 2018. The presenter described it as "an inspired new setting".

Two Cunningham songs are included in the new Trinity College London grade 6 singing syllabus. See here.

"A great story, complemented by a marvellous score, and brought to life by a tightly-knit ensemble of performers, Fergus of Galloway makes for a great night of new musical theatre" Broadway World, June 2014.

"New opera doesn’t get any better than Cunningham and McCall Smith’s The Okavango Macbeth, instantly accessible, incredibly melodic" The Public Reviews, August 2013.

"he has a real gift for genuine original melody – much rarer than you might think – and incorporates vigorous folk influences, blues and swing as well as tints of Debussy and Vaughan Williams in folk mode." BroadwayBaby.com, August 2012.

"His compositional style is quintessentially British in its liquid harmonies, well-nourished textures and frequent bouts of innocent wit. But most of all, his vital musical connection with his texts throw up a consistency of invention and imagination." Kenneth Walton, The Scotsman.

The upper photo shows Tom receiving the Herald Angel Award for A Tapestry of Many Threads, August 2012, and the lower one was taken at the première of The Tumbling Lassie in April 2018.

In December 2012, The Okavango Macbeth CD was one of the Top 12 Classical CDs of 2012.

See also Tom's Facebook page and Tom's YouTube channel.