Welcome to the Official Website for the Tombstone High School Alumni Association.

Donations and pledges can now be taken using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal. Go to the Donations & Gifts page 
(link is on the left or click here). Please support the current initiative to help finish the athletic fields at the "new" high school. Any amount is greatly appreciated (even $5 adds up in the end).

This is where we will add information and registration forms for Alumni Weekend.
Alumni Weekend is always held the second weekend in July (Friday - Sunday). If you would like to make a request for different dates, please submit information to Melinda via email or telephone.
Highlights:  Terms of officers will be serve 2 years.  
We are still seeking a treasurer as Randy has agreed to be the interim treasurer until July 2013.  If you are interested in serving as Treasurer, please contact Jessica or Sheri. 
T-shirts are still available:  2011 sell for $10 each, 2012 sell for $20 each (add $5 for postage if necessary) I will try to post pictures and sizes soon.
Nostalgic Basketball Jerseys, shorts, jackets are available for $5 donation per piece.  I will try to post pictures and sizes soon.
Fred Pittsley gave $100 donation to purchase solar lighting for the "T" on "T-hill".
Thanks to all who attended and participated.
Jessica (Ritter) Meinhart, President      tadie210@aol.com
Sheri (Parizek) Zimpelman, Secretary   ariztweety@aol.com
Randy (BK) Keeling, Treasurer              randy.keeling@yahoo.com