Tomb Raider 3 - Controls

IMPORTANT: These are the default controls. You can change them by selecting the controller on the inventory menu. Press down to view the options ring (this is also shown on the main menu). There are five options. Unfortunately, you can't customize them to you're licking. You can always return to default controls.


PC & Mac

Running: The most basic move in the whole game. Just by pressing the foreward button, Lara will start running. In this game, she only has one speed. Carefully, because you can easily fall off a ledge when not protected by the walk button (read further on for more details). 

Hop back: By pressing this, Lara will hop backwards. It covers one block, which is crucial when judging distances.

Pivoting: Lara can turn around by pressing these buttons. To maneuver around your environment, you need to hold either direction while running. 

Roll: If you need to turn around quickly, use this command. Lara's roll covers one square, which can be important when it comes to judge distances (read further for more information).

Walk: By holding down this button, Lara will go into a walk (which is pretty slow). It's important to hold this command when walking through spikes. Lara won't get a scratch if she walks through them instead of running. Another great place to use this move is ledges; Lara will never walk off an edge.

Jump/swim: Lara can jump in any direction. Just use the move commands while holding the jump button. You can also use the action button to grab ledges if they are too far away. The same button is also used in water. Holding it down will make Lara go underwater, and you need to keep holding it to keep her moving.

Side-steps: This isn't the same as pivoting or walking. Lara can do a simple sidestep. This also works in water.

Draw weapon: When an enemy is approaching, use this command to get your guns out. Press the same button to put them away. Remember, Lara has an automatic aim feature.

Action: This is everything; grabbing, shooting, picking up items, etc. Anything the requires Lara to interact with something is this move. This also includes climbing and pulling levels (and using keys).

Look: Need to view your surroundings. Lara can look in any direction; all you have to do his hold this button down while using whatever moving pad your console has (d-pad or arrows). You can't look while running, jumping, or hanging on a ledge. This feature was added to later games.

Light flair: In a dark spot? Lara has a pack of flairs in her inventory. They don't last long, but they can shed some light in any dark area. To throw it away, either wait until it runs out or press the flair command again.

Crouch: If there is a small crack, you can squeeze through it by using this move. Lara can either duck in a spot or crawl. All you have to do is hold the move buttons while holding down the crouch command. You can also shoot from this position, but you can't move anywhere while your weapons are drawn.

Dash: In order to do this command, you need to hold the displayed buttons with any movement button. Lara can run faster her than her default running speed, which works well for timed doors or fast enemies.


CLIMBING WALLS: For the first time, you can climb on ladders and any texture that will allow Lara to grab. This is very useful when it comes to getting to high places. Keep in mind that you need to hold the action button, otherwise Lara will let go and possible fall to a horrible death (depends on how high up you are). If you need to climb down quickly, continuously press the action button.

CONSERVE HEALTH: You have two medi packs in your inventory; large and small. The small medi packs restores 50% of your health, which makes them essential, but not the best. If you are about to face a boss battle and your health is low, I recommend using the small medi pack. Always leave the large medi packs for emergency, because they restore 100% of your health. These are the most important items you have.

LARA SQUARED: If you've noticed the classic game world, the enviroment is made up of squares. Each of them are the same size, and many of Lara's moves match. For instance, if you are making a running jump, hopping backwards will cover one square. It takes one square to make a perfect running jump. In fact, even when you're holding the jump button, the move is delayed until Lara has run over one square. 
  • Running jump - three squares
  • Running jump & grab - three and a half squares
  • Standing jump - two squares
HEALING FROM POISON: Some enemies in this game, like cobras and other snakes, can poison Lara and give her a gradual death. At first, it may not effect you. The health bar will blink yellow if you're poisoned. If you leave this wound unattended, the screen will move in a way that seems like your on drugs. That indicates that Lara is almost ready to die. One medi pack will get rid of the poison.