Technology Videos

Paper Engineering:
Very talented paper and card engineer             
Animation of a paper city                                
Animation of a 'paper' city growing and collapsing
Life-size pop-up cardboard chair and desk        
Cardboard bike                                               
'Cardboard Duckshoot'                                     
Cardboard mechanisms                                   
'Floating City'                                                  
Charity advert (cardboard animation)                 
Pop up building card                                         
Pop up card tutorial                                          
Pop up card to introduce a new colleague         
Pop up tutorial                                                  
Nokia pop-up book                                            
Ford pop-up                                                      
Phobias pop-up                                                
Robert Sabuda's pop-up studio                       
Dismantling a motorway bridge                         
CGI of wooden bridge being blown up                
CGI of concrete bridge collapsing                      
Atmospheric shots: old concrete bridge             
Structure with arty light installation                    
CGI of Sci Fi 'temple'                                        
Animation of vintage textiles                             
Industrial-scale looms in action                         
Japanese hand and machine embroidery            
Textiles designer and screenprinter                    
Art Textiles work being created in New York       
Printing Yohji Yamamoto's textiles                     
Digital 'smart' fabrics with lights                         
3D-printed 'origami' textiles                               
Different mechanisms made from Lego              
Different types of drive shaft mechanisms          
Automaton showing the mechanisms inside it   
Large clock mechanism                                   
Kinetic sculpture                                             
Drawing Skills:

'Doodling around'