Technology Cover yr 7 21st November

Students to :
1) Finish drawing their boxes in 2D Design, select all, copy and paste into Word. (Control A, Control C and Control V)
2) Decorating the box:  if you didn't do so in 2D Design, put pictures and your name on the box while it is in Word.
3) Print and make your box by:
Selecting the colour printer (it's got a 'C' in the middle of its printer name, not 'BW' ).
Going into 'Properties' and follow the instructions on the laminated cards on the teacher's desk... which must be returned to the teacher's desk when finished with).
Sticking it together (there are 7 glue sticks... and there will be at the end of the lesson...)
4) 'Print Screen' ANY work you have done in this lesson with me, paste it into a Word document and print it on card (as above when printing the box). It must be small enough to go in your box.
5) If you have done all that, find pictures/information on anything that interests you to do with typefaces (fonts) and produce little cards on them to put in the box. It may be you like a certain font, like the way a certain brand name is written, etc.