How to do a Googlesites site

First sign up for a google account (if you don't have one already), then find 'sites' amongst its features.
You can, of course, use an existing google account.
Follw the instructions... It's that easy!
Once you've done it. you can get to it via its own address which is, as with other web addresses, can be pasted as a link, etc. if you want something more personal and easy to remember, you can...
... Buy a domain name (a URL or, to put it another way, a web address). If that's the case, are competitively priced and simple to use.
You can go to their domain names page if you click here and try and find one that 1) you like and 2) that nobody has bagged before you!  It currently costs (Jan 2012) £2.99 plus VAT for a name and £9.99 plus VAT for a .com. They are renewable each year... No other costs involved if you use a googlesite.
This site is routed through them. They take you through how to direct people to your site through your domain name.
Any problems, please feel free to email me.