Cushion: step-by-step guide n Step-By-Step Guide

Design the stencil (at least 3 designs)

Draw the design onto card

Cut out the shape (using a scalpel and cutting mat which prevents damage to the table)

Practice stencilling with a stencil brush and fabric paints on paper

Paint the fabric using the stencils to provide the right shape (for better results,don’t use too much paint)

Tie-dye the fabric for the back of the cushion by folding/crushing the fabric and securing with elastic bands

Practise machine stitching

Iron both pieces and pin them together inside-out

Sew the pieces of fabric together, leaving a gap of about a third/half a side

Stuff the cushion

Sew the gap left with small stitches (as small as possible), making sure the edges are turned in so they don’t show

Take the cushion home!