Branding Project

So, what is 'branding'?
Branding is about giving a product a unique name and image in the customer's mind. For example, when we think of Apple products, we think of 'clean' lines and sleek, simple, modern design. In fact, Apple branding is so strong that people can sometimes look at another company's product and immediately think that it has an Apple feel to it.
In contrast, a company that sells, for example, antique style furniture, will probably have a very different feel to it. Click on here to see an example of what I mean.
Branding is not only about distinctive products that are a bit different. It will also probably involve a company having shop fronts and interiors, display stands, uniforms, etc that reinforce its image.
Step-by-step guide to the Branding Project!
Think of somewhere that needs branding : eg a shop, restaurant, castle, space station, stables, etc. Do a spidergram of lots of different companies / places you could design for.
2     Choose one you want to do.
Yes, I's beginning to sound like a series of films! What kind of 'image' should this place have? Who is your target market? Do a spidergram of colour scheme ideas, uniform ideas for staff, even just words that describe the 'feel' your place/company will have. For example, Apple would probably put 'sleek', 'modern', 'high tech', 'smooth', 'sophisticated'.
We need a moodboard now. Find colours, company uniforms, typography (examples of fonts), objects, etc that 'say' what YOUR chosen company idea is about. DON'T FORGET - YOU ARE DOING IT FOR A TARGET MARKET.
Cut pictures out of magazines, get them off the internet... from anywhere! They need to be collected onto a sheet of paper, so stick them on, copy and paste, etc.
This is your first homework for this project. You will find examples of moodboards if you click here. ... And if you want to get really sophisticated, there's a great page on it... HERE!
These should be like preliminary drawings (click here for examples).  Preliminary drawings are not very detailed or 'finished' - that would be a bit of a waste of time as you are only going to pick one in the end.
Choose some designs and do more detailed, 'finished' designs from them.