Enter to Simpsons music.

The family are watching TV. They see a succession of adverts.

Each advert highlights a different way of playing on people’s insecurities.

        New car – keeping up with the neighbours

        Holidays – quick fix – makes everything better.

        Sofa – don’t really need it – bargain

        Jewellery – home shopping channel too easy to spend money.

        Toys – pester power.

        Deodorant – insecurity about self image – likes the lifestyle. – quick fix money problems.

After each advert the family discuss how their lives would improve if they had these things.

On a power point an amount of money, after each advert the amount of money goes down, ‘ker-ching’ noise after each amount goes.

Last scene: Bailiffs come and start taking their belongings away. 

Leave to Jessie J – Price Tag.