Art Teaching Ideas

Design a bank note with a self portrait on.
Restricted colour self portrait.
Self portrait as a 'Wanted' poster.
Chalk and charcoal on grey paper.
Close-up of hand with drapery/clothing.
Graphic design: name, initial letter and close-up parts of an object.
Cardboard Cubist sculpture.
Make sculpture, photograph it and put it on photo of public place in a grand scale.
Different media in different quarters of a picture.
Pencil drawing of 'Christo' type draped/wrapped object.
Do a self portrait bottle label for an actual bottle.
Copy a small fragment of a painting.
Sculpture inside a cardboard box.
Grid with letters in each square that touch the sides.
Do a starter with a different colour theme each lesson and get students to create a large coloured mural from the students' work.
layers-of-a-burger collage.
Design a board game to do with Art.
Famous Artist bingo.
Put masking tape down, sponge on top and remove the tape.
Give one student each week two ping pong balls with black dots on and they have to put them on an object to make eyes for a funny face and photograph it.
Sharpies on tinfoil... Could make it into a pendant (very weak wool string - health and safety, strangling, etc).
Two dice, adjectives on one and nouns on another (or numbers could relate to a numbered list): they have to draw what comes up.
Do Jackson Pollock which is then cut into a circle to make a planet.
Draw onto sandpaper with wax crayons, iron it onto fabric.
Two restricted-colour abstracts on two pieces of paper: stuck together and one piece becomes the land, the other the sky.
Glue and tissue paper on thick polythene which is then peeled off and is like stained glass.
3D (as in flat layers) replica of famous artwork.
Superhero done like a Van Gogh.