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I tomato PW

1987 - This is a car bumper sticker created by Peter Kidson after an incident where a  British lecturer at Unisa, Sally Hutchings, was deported after throwing a tomato at State President P W Botha to protest against curbs on the universities.
Credit: Trevor Watkins (who has kept it since the 80's).
 (a skit on the I "love you" (with a red heart depicted) series, that was in vougue at that time.
The full story:

In October 1987, Sally Hutchings threw two overripe tomatoes

at the then State President P W Botha at a university reception

in Pretoria

in protest against the increasing encroachment

of the National Party government on university autonomy.

The projectiles missed him, landing at his feet. Within hours

Hutchings, a statistics lecturer at UNISA, was deported to her

native England with her 18-month-old baby. The then acting

Home Affairs Minister, F W de Klerk, considered her action

‘in a very serious light’ as ‘should the object have contained

explosives, the lives of the State President and other persons

could have been in jeopardy’.

1,2 At the time, the incident was

treated as a ludicrous instance of repressive over-reaction by a

regime seeking to maintain unjust policies in the face of near universal