One day, I wanted to look to some images (Shooty image of the day) on one site. The navigation through was so awful (you get a list, then click on image, go back to list and click on another), no next/previous direct navigation.

Because I have and Android phone, I decided to challenge my programing skills.

I created two versions of application (one in HTML, second native Android) to get the page, parse page, look for images, get high resolution image links and display the image. Then navigation with swipe left/right.
Both applications can be moved on SD card (available from Android 2.2).

Native application have advantage of small size of application and dependency on jsoup library for parsing HTML, also it display image on full screen, so you can enjoy the full image experience.

HTML application have advantage of caching images locally (which is also a negative aspect, if you browse too much in history). Disadvantage is larger size and dependency on several libraries (jquery, touchwipe, xdomainajax, phonegap) and YQL web service. Also possible views only in landscape mode and with TitleBar visible.

Because I don't want to spend 25$ for Android Market developer account for these application, I upload it on my site.
However, you have to enable "Unknown sources" for installation purpose.

Please let me know in comments below how are you satisfied with the application or if you find a bug. Thank you.

Update: I prefer to spread native application. Also I would like to reserve the right to anonymously track and report usage of the application via Google Analytics.

1.3 24.03.2012: I modified the code and download high resolution picture and also added menu item to share image.
1.4 26.03.2012: fixed textColorPrimaryInverse on some devices and added publishing date of image as Toast info
1.5 01.04.2012: rewrote concept of getting images URL; added menu "View in browser"
1.6 06.04.2012: fixed new publisher (Vizar); added menu "Save image"
1.7 14.04.2012: fixed changes on source page; added function to check if new version is available upon start
1.8 12.05.2012: fixed minor bug; load just one page at time
1.9      04/2014: fixed date offset; checking if internet connection is available; dialogs device default dark theme; minor code cleanup; slovak translation
2.0 2014: code rewrite for API16 (Jelly Bean)

Current version: 1.8

Known Bugs:
loading last page of images fails (from 5.12.2008 - 31.12.2008)

Tomas Klema,
May 12, 2012, 11:43 AM