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current positions:

  • Head of Middleware Team at T-Systems Slovakia
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Social skills:

  • Team work: I have worked in various types of teams from small research teams to multicultural teams of 20 people
  • Communication and mediating skills: I have received several trainings on this topic
  • Intercultural skills: I am experienced at working in European dimension such as being a member of international teams and working groups
  • Training skills: I delivered 4 day Microsoft Office trainings
    I delivered one semester of Linux class on SjF TUKE

Organisational skills:

  • People management: I am acting as team leader with specific competences
  • Project management: I have managed several software project and events in European dimension
  • Logistic: I was responsible for project logistic in 2 projects of BEST

Technical skills:

  • Linux user/administrator, but competent of most Microsoft computer programmes
  • bash scripting, developing RPM packages
  • experience with JAVA (including J2EE and Android apps development), C/C++
  • UML - Uniffied Development Process
  • PHP, HTML, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, CSS, JavaScript
  • LyX, LaTeX

Driving licence - with clean record



  • TOP Leadership (ARGO)
  • Labour code
  • Financial basics
  • Project Management Basic training
  • First Aid
  • Global Bribery awareness training
  • LeanIT green belt training
  • Time Management, Conflict Management, Presentation skills
  • Leadership Excellence Program
  • Intercultural training - Germany, UK
  • ITILv3 Foundation training
  • Kabira Transaction Switch
  • Kabira Provisioning and Service Activation


From 2011 to 2012 I studied MBA on Open University UK, where I received title Dip Mgmt

From 1999 to 2004 I studied on Technical University in Košice with subject: Computer Science - Information Systems and Technologies
My thesis title: Formal specification of tasks for programming (pdf)


BEST - Board of European Students of Technology
(cca 3500 people in 32 countries and 94 local groups)

I was involved in following activities:

Co-organizer of General Assembly 2003 in Gabčíkovo
Co-organizer of UPS Regional Meeting in Kežmarské Žľaby
Co-organizer of BEST Winter Course 2003 - Industry & ecology, a battle or symbiose in Košice
Co-organizer of BEST Summer Course 2004 - Crazy Outdoors, ... in Košice
webmaster and member of IT team