PhD Student

The University of Memphis
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Room 205 Dunn Hall
Memphis, TN 38152-3240

Scientific interests

Concentration inequalities, Probability, Combinatorics


  1. Small ball probabilities, maximum density and rearrangements, preprint (with J. Lee). PDF
  2. Majority Bootstrap Percolation on G(n, p),  Electr. J. Comb. 24(1) (2017), (with C. Holmgren, N. Kettle). PDF
  3. Optimal Probability Inequalities for Random Walks Related to Problems in Extremal Combinatorics, SIAM J. Discrete Math. 26-2 (2012), pp. 828-837 (with D. Dzindzalieta, M. Šileikis). PDF
  4. Bounds for Tail Probabilities of Martingales Using Skewness and Kurtosis, Lithuanian Mathematical Journal (2008), vol. 48, no. 1, pp. 30-37 (with V. Bentkus). PDF


V. Bentkus     (supervisor during my undergraduate studies).
J. Jankauskas
P. Šarka
M. Šileikis