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 " We used your Wap Redirect, and it works flawlessly! Thank you for making it available." - Bob Wilson 

" Hey, regarding Wap Redirect, I think it's ace that you've made the code available in that way :D " -               Will Ormerod 

" I found your WAP redirect PHP and it was awesome! Thanks so much! I used it for my mobile site and it works like a charm." -  Anna Rogers

           Thanks to all            Supporters & Contributors 

Version 4.0 the Best Script till date.                                             Detects PC, iPhone, Wap & PSP browsers


About: Wap Redirect is a small script written in PHP. The aim of Wap Redirect is to detect the browser & find out if it's a normal PC Browser or a wml Browser on a mobile phone (Or a iphone or PSP). After detecting the browser the script redirects the user to respective links. Now Wap Redirect additionally also supports detection of PSP browser & iPhone.

Applications: In case you want to host HTML ,WAP, iPhone & PSP websites but don't want to provide different links, then Wap-Redirect comes in handy. You can host multiple websites with a single URL.    When a user Navigates to your URL , they will be detected                (to find out the Device they are using) & then finally will be redirected to specific locations.

Quality: Wap Redirect can detect a wide variety of browsers , even some of the rarest ones (browser of BeOs & more) without fail. It also successfully detects Wap Emulator & takes the user to the wap site.


History: I was looking for exactly this script but could not find any one worth , none solved my purpose. Then I took matter into my hands & coded the script up in a matter of few hours. Mind you I am a Doctor by profession & I have limited knowledge about PHP.