This Year's Planned Fund Raisers

Harley Weekend Brat Fry


Costume Sale

Pizza Hut Discount Cards

Basic Skills Competion or if we're unable to pull that off a Calendar Sale

Ice Show

Senior Hockey Tournament



Fund Raising is a vital part of our club’s activities as it keeps the cost down for parents!!!   The more we raise...the less we have to pay!!! 

All club members are expected to participate in fund raising as that’s what pays for the coaches and the ice time!!!


Harley Weekend Brat Fry

@ Dollar General

We're selling Brats, Hot Dogs,

Soda and Water

Friday, September 14

4 pm to 9pm

Saturday, September 15

11 am to 9 pm

Get some Volunteer Hours in Early!


If you have a fund-raising idea...please let us know..we are always looking for additional unique ways to raise funds!