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Key Things to Remember when you are contacting a Board Member:

#1 These individuals are not getting paid for being on the board...they are volunteers and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. 

#2  Every board member also has a job...just like you and sometimes things don't get done quite as fast as we'd like them to because we have jobs and families just like you!  


Your 2007-2008

Board Members


President:  Shar Lombardo                   715-551-9264


Vice President: Marguerite Dieter           715-612-6200


Treasurer:  Linda Schlinsog                 453-1907

                 Email  slinger

Secretary:  Karen Tomaszewski                 453-5980


Board Members:  Jon Jacobson       453-1354


Mike Habeck   453-5086

                 Email:   None

Dave McMahon   302-0633



Committee Chairs:

Zamboni Chairperson:  Jodi McCumber    453-3281

Volunteer Chairperson: Jodi McCumber    453-3281

Coaching Chairperson:  Marguerite Dieter   612-6200

Interested in Getting on the Board??

All you have to Do is Volunteer!

There's plenty to do for everyone!