Marquette Basic Skills Competition

 Normally held in February several weeks after Badger State, a great competition for skaters in the higher basic and freestyle levels. 




Competing is Fun…..and builds skill, strength, character, good work habits and values!   

Join the Fun!

 When your child is ready to start competing, normally once they have reached at least Basic 4 or Basic 5 the first step is to approach one of the coaches to work with your child in establishing his/her first routine.  Mom's/Dad's...they are not going to approach need to approach them, ask questions and get involved! 

Competing is alot of fun.  We recommend the Verona Competition as your first simply because everyone gets a medal...but soon we hope to be able to provide our members with our own local competition! 


Badger State Games

Usually held end of January, beginning of February. Open to all skaters in the state of WI

Watch the bulletin board for more information! 

  Midwest Basic Skills

Normally held in March/April in Verona WI

A great competition for the first time competitor!