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September 30th

5:00 p.m.

Sara Park

Tomahawk Figure Skating Club     Meeting Minutes
Aug 12, 2007:

The  meeting of the Tomahawk Figure Skating Club was called to order at 3 PM at Shar Lombardo's residence by Shar.


Karen Tomaszewski, Shar Lombardo, Marg Dieter

Absent: Dave McMahon,  Jon Jacobsen, Linda Schlinsog

A.        Approval of Agenda

The agenda was submitted.

B.        Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were not distributed. (Karen lost them)

C.        Open Issues


            Previous Monthly Balance:        $5131.82

            Total Expenses Paid:                 $605.09

            Current Balance:                       $4745.32


Taxes have been filed with John Kopp for 2006-2007 Year.    

All 2006-2007 Bills are now caught up.           

 Website: Shar has paid for the club website for the last two years and has not been reimbursed.  $9.97/month.  Shar does not have all back up documentation.  Needs to be tabled and more discussion needed.  Shar has made a new website and would like publish this.  Updates will be done once / month per Shar.  Need to vote on this.

D.        New Business

Registration:  Registrations are coming in.  We will hold our annual Registration night at Sara Park Sept 16th and 30th, 5:30-7.  Please try to make these dates or help in some way.

Volunteer Hours - We will have a 4 x 6 card on file at the rink this year for contact information and volunteer hours.  Shar is working on a tally of hours from last year.



            A. Hold  a competition instead of  a raffle.  We would get volunteer hours in and do our fundraiser all in one.  Tabled.  Need more discussion with more people.  Update: We are looking at doing both a raffle and a competition.


Potential dates for a competition:

1st choice: Jan 5th

3rd Choice: Dec 29th

2nd Choice: Jan 12th

 Fundraiser #2: Calendar Sale, Jon to gather further information and present to the club.  Still waiting for this update from Jon

Fundraiser #3: Pizza Cards, More info needed on this.  Still waiting on Marg to submit this info.

Fundraiser #4: Raffle, Money .  Tentative prizes scetched out at this point.  Need to vote on prizes Aug 26th.  Looked in the raffle laws on "the use of incentives and or rewards" to get people to sell more tickets.  Nothing states you cannot use incentives or rewards.

Fundraiser #5: Costume Sale in November, Upstairs product along with personal.

Fundraiser #6: Ice Show, was brought up to have Lauri as our ice show coordinator.  More discussion needed for this.

            Looked a the different categories of chairs and co-chairs.  Made some changes.

                        A) Warming Room

                        B) Programs/Advertising

                        C)  Costume

                        D) Flowers

                        E)  Concessions

                        F) Set Design

                        G) Ticket Sales

                        H)  Music

                        I)  Video Sales

                        J)  MC

                        K)  Publicity

                        L)  Set up and tear down

                        M)  Picture Day/Photographer

                        N)  Lighting


            A. Heidi - Good to go for Wednesday and Sunday nights.  Will open and close rink. 

            B. Lauri - Shar to contact Lauri to see her availability.  Still only available one night a week.

            D. Wendy

            E.  Lonni, Jordan, etc.  Linda to contact and offer $7/hour to coach lower level.  They must be available both days.  We are not allowing volunteer hours to be used for this.    We will call a separate meeting once we have a better idea of coaches.  Coaches meeting scheduled for Aug 26th.




Heidi will be doing this Sunday and Wednesday Nights


E.         Agenda for Next Meeting




Website Dues



Meeting was adjourned at 3:46pm by Marg. The next general meeting will be at 3pm on Aug 26th at Sara Park,  Coaches will be present.

Minutes submitted by: Karen Tomaszewski

Approved by:                                            

To Do List:

Marg:  Update Club Handbook..Contact Coaches

Shar: Wrap up Brat Fry with Denise, competition date, registration flyers

Hob: Finalize Raffle get date for Competition from Hockey

Jon:  Contact Coaches

Dave:  Come to Next Meeting!

Karen: Minutes, Syncro Info