The Sixth Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Semantics Workshop

March 23, 2013, McGill University

In the Ballroom of Thomson House (David Thomson Post-Graduate Centre)

3650 McTavish Street

9:00 Registration and coffee/chocolatines

9:30-10:15 Invited talk (Session chair: Brian Buccola)

On resolving the vagueness of similarity in counterfactual conditionals

Michela Ippolito, University of Toronto


Processing ACD and de re/de dicto ambiguity

Alanah McKillen, McGill University


Testing the argument status of the unaccusative resultative

Elizabeth Christie, Carleton University

11:15-11:35 Break

11:35-12:05 (Session chair: Michael Hamilton)

The Romanian presumptive mood and the key to the Romanian will-future

Teodora Mihoc,
University of Ottawa


A cognitive account for aspectual realization 

Malaree Baraniuk, McMaster University

12:35-2:20 Poster Session and Lunch at Thomson House

[Pre-registration required for lunch:]

2:20-2:50 (Session chair: Alexandra Simonenko)

‘Even’ and ‘only’ 

Sepideh Mortazavinia, McGill University 


Even and almost even: teasing apart Spanish ni and ni siquiera

Oriana Kilbourn-Ceron, McGill University


Types of nominalized verbs in a light verb context

Sebastien Plante, Carleton University

3:50-4:10 Break

4:10-4:40 (Session chair: Daniel Goodhue)

Comparing propositional attitudes 

Julie Goncharov, University of Toronto 

4:40-5:25 Invited talk

Hurford Disjunctions and Embedded Implicatures

Raj Singh, Carleton University

[For those of you have signed up at registration, we have a reservation for dinner at 7pm at Le Showwok, 2081 Ste. Catherine Ouest.]

Poster Session:

Crossreferencing and accommodation

Amir Anvari, Carleton University

The meaning of intonation in responses to yes/no questions 

Dan Goodhue, McGill University

Scope and reconstruction in Mi’gmaq 

Michael David Hamilton, McGill University 

The semantics of the Persian object marker ra

Maryam Hosseini Fatemi, Carleton University

Modal indefinites in Mi’gmaq 

Gretchen McCulloch, McGill University

Evidentials and extended interrogatives

Tyler Peterson, University of Toronto

Semantics of the DP-island effects in Germanic

Sasha Simonenko, McGill University

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Mar 20, 2013, 12:08 PM