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Bed Feather and Down Cleaning Company

Our Company in Hungary

Our company Due to our widespread international experience, our company produces high quality eiderdowns and pillows since decades. Our products are made on a wide scale. On our web page the customers can choose from 15% to 90% goose feathers, and the color of the ticking. Our feather-pillows can be found on the US-market which is known for their high quality standards. We use only high quality, hand pulled, Hungarian goose feathers. From our 0% feather pillow to the special, so called, 4 sheet pillows, where the feather core is placed in the inner cover and the outer cover sheathes the 90% goose feathers, they all provide comfortable and healthy sleep. Our company also produces Maco satin bedding covers for our eiderdowns, counterpanes which, off course, can be ordered in any sizes including extra size. We also sell bed-nets and mattresses to secure your peaceful rest.

What you should know about our products:

1. Our products are all 100% cotton cloth, so they are skin friendly
2. Our products are all recommend by doctors, for patients with allergies and asthma
3. Our products have an own micro climate, due to the high quality feathers they are filled with so it revitalizes your energy
4. Our products are all suit the EU and ÖKO-TEX requirements

Comforters and pillows

The pillow and comforter cases which crafted of fine quality German cotton, are filled with hand harvested pure Hungarian goose down and feather.

This specially developed and woven material keeps the down and feather really inside the case, so it could be recommended for people who suffer from asthma or some kind of skinallergy.

All of our products meet the requirements of the world wide known Eko-Tex quality standards and EU specifications.

Due to our wide quality, colour, size and material scale we can take general and individual claims as well.

In case of ordering any of our products will be shipped directly to your home or business from our factory warehouse. That is why we can give the best prices on our products.

The Allergy-program

Our vario-protect program is recommended by doctors to be used by sick persons suffering from allergy and asthma. All the materials are made of pure cotton, the upper layer is covered with a special cell-structured material which prevent mites and other allergic substances to get into the mattress, bedding or even to the human body. Still having the air and exhalation permeability. át.

Hygiene in the bed

The washable and dryable down filled pillows and comforters are suggested for public health institutions, hotels, and for families with small children.

Dust allergy? It does not exist anymore with the comforters.

For patients who are suffering from dust allergy will not have to renounce more from using feather and down filled pillows and comforters. The formal advises of doctors that everyone should change the feather filled comforters and pillows into a different bedding filled with different material has lapsed.

Representative experiments were made through-out the world in bedrooms, thousands of pillows and comforters were examined to see the level of dust-mites and allergic substances. The specially developed and woven case of feather and down filled comforters and the sheet of mattresses, in case of regular cleaning will not let through any dustmites or any allergic substances. The down comforters are warming up very quickly but still having the best air and exhalation permeability and this prevents the proliferation of moisturephilous mites. The dust mites are eating the scale of outer human skin and not the feather or down.

All of our products can be used by patients who are suffering from dust allergy because the close woven material will not let through any down.

All of our products meet the requirements of the world wide known Eko-Tex quality standards and EU specifications.

In summary: All the scientific and ecological experiments in every climatic zone in europe are proving that the feather and down comforters are not giving any good life conditions or nutrition for dust mites. So there is no reason that doctors are warning patients off using feather or down products.