First Holy Communion Programme

First Holy Communion Programme 2016/2017



Sunday 2 (after 10:30 Mass)                  Introductory Meetings for any Interested                                                                  Parents/Carers, with distribution of                                                                             enrolment forms.


Sunday 6   Who do you say I am? The Person of Jesus Christ at the Centre.


Sunday 20  The Church of Christ and the Sacraments he gave us.



Sunday 4    The Sacrament of Baptism

                   (Schools break up 16 December)


                   (Schools restart 3 January)

Sunday 8    The Eucharist and The Mass (1): The Introductory Rites


Sunday 22  The Mass (2): The Liturgy of the Word


February     (Half-term 13 to 17 Feb)

Sunday 5    The Sacrament of Reconciliation (1): Why Confession?


Sunday 5     The Sacrament of Reconciliation (2): How to go to Confession

                    The Mass (3): The Liturgy of the Eucharist –Presentation

                    Gifts and Offertory Prayers


Sunday 19    CANCELLED

                     (Schools break up 31 March)



Saturday, 11 March 11am          Group 1

Saturday, 11 March 3 pm           Group 2

Saturday, 25 March 11 am         Group 3

April                                      (School restarts 18 April)

Sunday 23 April     The Mass (4): The Liturgy of the Eucharist –

                               The Eucharistic Prayer



Sunday 7 May        The Mass (5): The Rite of Communion and Dismissal


First Holy Communion Dates (all at the 10:30 am Mass)

Sunday 14 May                  Group 1    Rehearsal: Friday, 12 May at 7 pm

Sunday 21 May                  Group 2    Rehearsal: Friday, 19 May at 7 pm

Sunday 28 May                  Group 3    Rehearsal: Friday, 26 May at 7 pm

(Half-term 29 May to 2 June)