Parish Priest's Page

Parish Priest's Page
Introducing your new Parish Priest

Fr John O'Leary

The new year seems to be passing as fast as the previous year did. Good job I didn't make it a New Year's resolution to update my page more regularly - I would have failed miserably!

It has been a good start to the calendar year in many respects. Just to mention one thing: our celebration  of Peace Sunday last week. A very good display was mounted in our Peace Corner and I was particularly proud of our Confirmation candidates who, with very little opportunity to practice, did a great job presenting the dialogue on non-violence. Though small in number they are an impressive group. Some of the questions they ask are truly insightful. Please do keep them in your prayers.

Please, pray, too for the unity of all Christians as we continue with our Octave of prayer for that intention. There does not seem to be a great deal of ecumenical activity in the area; but then I have not made many efforts to promote it - so I suppose I ought!

God bless you all

Fr John