Parish Priest's Page

This contains oddments from the presbytery. Not, of course, details of the parishioners or other people who turn up or who are visited, but the sort of material which affects the life of any priest in a parish: the diocese, the saints' days, but mostly the day to day trivia which can't be categorised but which affects our sanity. 
No, we don't know who he is to be. Eventually the Vicar General (the personnel manager for the diocesan clergy) will sound somebody out, and the lucky priest will come and talk about the parish and inspect the church and presbytery. Unfortunately the other people living here will have to be out before he comes, but he will discuss the Community Languages Support group and with luck they will be able to stay. CARIS has a tenancy agreement with the diocese, so they're OK.

When? Within a week or two after Easter 2016, according to the VG. That's all we know so far - news will be posted here as and when.