Parish Priest's Page

Parish Priest's Page

Canon John O'Leary

Last time I updated this page, the catechumens and candidates preparing for Baptism, Confirmation and First Eucharist, and I had just returned from an edifying celebration of the Rite of Election at the Cathedral. This weekend the catechumens and candidates will celebrate, at which ever Mass they attend, the last of the three scrutinies in preparation for the Easter Vigil. Please do keep them in your prayers.

Last Tuesday I was up on the roof to see how the repairs are progressing. I am happy to report that they are coming along very well. I was able to see for myself the really poor condition of many parts of the roof and see the rotten soakers that have been removed. The repointing of the chimneys is practically complete. Although a further expense, I realised how necessary it has been to do these while the scaffolding is up. Again, they were in a rather poor condition and in fact quite dangerous.

So this weekend we begin Passiontide; but is has been nice to have the start of this final stretch of Lent sandwiched between the celebration of two great saints: St Patrick today and St Joseph on Monday. May their prayers help us to enter deeply into this last phase or our Lenten practices, so to be ready for a glorious celebration of the Lord's resurrection.

God bless you all.

Fr John