Parish Priest's Page

Parish Priest's Page
Introducing your new Parish Priest

Fr John O'Leary

Fr John writes

Since my last post, there does not seem to be much progress to report on the renovations. At least that's the first impression. But in fact, though things could be moving more quickly, real improvements have been made. The most seriously damaged window in the church has now been replaced, and the two new windows in the guest room have also been fitted. They look very smart. Our Romanian painter has been steadfastly brushing away, always with a cheery disposition. Amazing how a smile breaks down all language barriers. Thankfully, too, much of the pile of waste mounting outside the house has been carted away.

Next Monday to Friday I will be away from the parish - the first time since my appointment April last. It will be good to spend a few days at Mum's and catch up with a few friends. Have a good week ahead yourselves.

God bless

Fr John