Parish Priest's Page

Parish Priest's Page

Canon John O'Leary

October is now behind us, and November nearly half-way through. It was very encouraging to see a good number praying the Rosary together in our church during October; and I always love having the lists of names of our deceased relatives and friends placed at the foot of the altar during November. It really helps us to realise that the faithful departed in Purgatory are part of the Church, and reminds us that they remain our brothers and sisters whom we can help by our prayers and by offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Toward the end of last month I had a most welcome retreat at Prinknash Abbey. I have been going there for over thirty years - and though the community is reduced in number, the sense of sanctuary and peace has not at all diminished.

Preparation for First Holy Communion and Confirmation are underway. So please pray for the children and young people, that nourished by the Body and Blood of the Lord, they will be his faithful witnesses in the world. Thank you .

God bless you all

Fr John