Parish Council

Apologies for failing to post past minutes.

Parish council minutes – 23/07/2014


Present: Father AW, Mary Feerick, Mary Brennan, Barbara Carroll, Keiron Sparrowhawk.


Apologies: Lorraine Dinnegan


Agenda Matters


1.      Read minutes of 25 June

2.      Matters arising

·         Tea after mass if we have volunteers.

·         Would help with newcomers in the parish.

·         To get the parish closer together.



3.      Diocese efforts on fund raising

·         All across the diocese our parishes have been asked to fund a large sum of money for retiring priests, seminary and Caritas.

·         An American fund raising group have been brought in to help

·         But it involves a scheme where we approach big givers already

·         Some Priests have not cooperated.

·         Archbishop has asked that parishioners be made aware of the need for the money. He agreed that individuals should not be approached.

·         Financial Secretary Camaletto to get in touch after August 5 with a Plan

·         Fundraisers may come and give advice to our Finance Committee


4.      Parish repairs

·         Pigeon’s have a ledge still to perch on. James Stagg blitzes the place.

·         Pigeon people to use wire

·         James Finnegan has fixed slates round the outside of the church – great work

·         Waiting for update on internal work

·         The new repository still needs to be done – we need a carpenter to remove beading and hinge an opening.  Would be good to get going in time for Communions. We also need volunteers to run it.


5.      SVP update

·         Still going well

·         Will check to see if officers have been appointed.


6.      London Citizens Update

·         Arsenal to pay the living wage Facebook


7.      Manager for Hall

·         A couple has shown interest and have been given the contract – will see what they say


8.      Parish Website

·         Keiron to see Mary re the website


9.      Justice and Peace –The Finsbury Park Games – 21 September 2014; 1pm-4pm

·         Perhaps Christ the King could put forward a team – in newsletter.

·         There are several school governors we could ask.


10.  AOB

·         Justice and Peace said could we do something about the Holy Land

·         Propose that we open the church on next Monday, 28th July, 2014 for a DAY OF PRAYER – this may allow as many people to pray throughout the day

·         In newsletter and on notice boards

·         Praying for people who are working on both sides for peace, against the violence, people involved in peace activities, and for those causing the warfare.

·         This is complex. All sides have some blame.

·         Need for prayer is enormous

·         Information sheets for next Monday

·         Keiron to look at Valerie’s note

·         To have day of prayer on an on going basis.

·         If it takes off, may be effective to find half a dozen people on a rolling basis


11.  Next meeting September 17 at 7:30pm


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