The organ is a 3 manual Hunter, built around 1920, with its original pneumatic action and generally in good condition, although there is still work to be done on it.
In the picture, the console is at the far end of the right gallery. The pipes were originally at the far end of the church but were re-arranged behind the columns. The cover is of a type of hardboard which muffles them to a certain extent, but the three arches are covered only by fabric, which helps. We hope eventually to replace all the hardboard with a curtain, which should improve the effect of the organ considerably.
We are looking for grants so that the present pneumatic action can be electrified. 

St Mellitus is the only church in the neighbourhood to offer these facilities. Highgate to the north and Islington to the south have comparable churches, but without our remarkable public transport links.

Our organists are the British-Canadian mezzo-soprano Patricia Hammond ( and the Slovak pianist Andrea Kmecova ( 

We have had several concerts with the London Medical Orchestra (, formed in the late 1930s by refugee doctors and still going but not exclusively medical any more. We are also developing a relationship with the London Arte Chamber Orchestra (‎) who played here on the 8th March with the clarinetist Boyan Ivanov. 

Another contact is rising Australian mezzo, Sophie Yelland, 

THE CHOIR for the Sunday morning Mass is now practising regularly. Contact them before or after Mass if you are thinking of joining. The choir recently had a very useful workshop with musicians from St Thomas More, Manor House. (March 2014)