Habits of a Tollgate Learner


  • I can be an active participant through preparation.
  • I can contribute to my CREW’s success by taking initative and following through on agreed upon goals.
  • I can be present and remain focused for the benefit of my Crew and myself.


  • I can value and be accepting of other’s ideas, opinions, and time.
  • I can create a safe and secure learning environment that promotes risk-taking.
  • I can assume positive intent when working with others.


  • I can work collaboratively with my CREW.
  • I can honor individual thoughts, ideas, and needs.
  • I can continuously seek knowledge and/or support to build capacity within our classrooms, school and community.


  • I can exhibit a solution-oriented attitude with a growth mindset.


  • I can take my time to make a plan.
  • I can revise my thinking and work through honest reflection and evaluation.