LINTEL (Linear Techniques For The Analysis Of Languages) is a Research Project  funded by the non-profit foundation Compagnia di San Paolo in a competitive funding program. The project evaluation has been submitted to peer-review by the European Science Foundation.

Project Summary

is a key notion, togheter interaction and non-determinism, of a modern reductionist trend which looks for a finer analysis of the meaning of computation and logic. The envisaged research is the linchpin of the next generation foundational tools for computing and logic languages, especially in presence of innovative and unconventional features as quantum, reversible, quantitative facets. Tackling complex problems in the relatively simple settings that a linear core of computation can supply, increases the chance of success. Sometimes, the solution can be extended to unrestricted non-linear setting. A non exhaustive list of topics of interest includes: calculi and languages for resource interaction, quantitative analysis of interaction via logics, programming languages with linearity, implicit computational complexity, definition of quantum programming languages, deductive systems for quantum computation, and so on.


Luca Paolini (Principal Investigator).  Members: Felice Cardone, Erika de Benedetti, Mauro Piccolo, Simona Ronchi Della Rocca, Luca Roversi and Margherita Zorzi.