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Alysia - Tangled - Mother knows best (Cover) : จาก: Apenijn | สร้างเมื่อ: 12 ก.พ. 2011 : Again something funny.
This song is from the Disney Movie Tangled. Mother in this case, is the evil witch who stole Rapunzel as she was a baby.
She raised her high in a tower. This song is about Rapunzel wanting to go outside and mother trying to convince her
the outside world is a very very dangerous place.I saw the movie and I couldn't resist singing this song.
This one is for the computerguru who fixed my laptop ^.^..!   Leave a comment!
"Animals" English - Thai Pictionary (Animated version)
 จาก: NoiTata | สร้างเมื่อ: 14 พ.ค. 2009 : Thank you for watching
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