Welcome to my blog! I hope you LOVE it! If you have any questions, email me at god.and.horses.always@gmail.com!
Ten things you should know about Me!
1. I love Horses (like anyother SD girl should!)
2. Words don't display my feelings but pictures do. So I love to take pictures of everything!
3. I live in a rual town of about 2,400 people right in the middle of SD.
4. Ever since my parents got divorced, Famliy is first always in my eyes.
5. I'm a terrible speller! Love Spellcheck!
6. I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE Toast!!
7. I have ADD and sometimes I forget to take my meds. and I go CRAZY!
(my freinds say i'm more fun when i don't take it!)
8. I have cute freckles! (i have the most in my grade!)
9. I'm trying to memorize the FFA Creed! Wish me good luck!
10. I accepted God into my heart two summers ago at bible camp. 
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