Building 5 Specialty Care Clinic, Overton Brooks VAMC, Shreveport, Louisiana

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The design included a shared common core space between the three user groups to help maximize the patient service space. The design also includes plumbing in HBPC offices as an additive alternate for use as future flex exam rooms. All rooms were designed as a 10'x13' module to accommodate virtually any kind of exam, office  or support space.

The facility includes common lobbies for Podiatry and Home Based Care. Corridors were typically designed with 6' widths common to clinics except for some spaces expected to accommodate gurneys from the main hospital. The Eye Clinic occupies all of the first floor.

from an exterior finishes standpoint, design and material were selected to provide building continuity with existing buildings on the VA  campus. The design and location of the new facility allows for optimum site usage while addressing both parking and existing plantings.

Construction Cost:  $5.2M