Cemal Cemil
Jl. Kemang Selatan I/20
Jakarta Selatan
Tel: 6221-7198878
Indulge your nostalgia of your favourite old time childhood snacks and toys at Cemal Cemil, nestled at Kemang, Jakarta Selatan.
Cemal Cemil is a cosy shop selling old fashioned cookies, candies, chocolates and toys. Here you will find Kue Monas,  Keping Safari, Kue Satoe, Kembang Goyang, Kue Jahe and many other mouth watering old fashioned cookies that remind you of those time gone by when your mother or grandparents accompany you to eat those cookies during tea time.
Indulge your nostalgia with rare chocolates and candies such as Permen Rokok, Coklat Payung, Coklat Ayam Jago, Coklat Tulip, Nougat New York, Hopjes, Permen Cicak, Permen Karet "tato" Yosan and many many more...
We also provide you with oldies toys such as Halma, Ludo, Ular Tangga, Tik Tok, Gasing, Congklak, Bekel, Kapal Tuk Tuk, Kitiran Kertas and other nostalgia toys.
Bring back your missing favorite snacks and toys, introduce them to your children and let's preserve our memories and make it last....