Love Revo

Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo DS

Edited 2: Since the group that announced this project dropped it, I took it as my side project currently.

Edited: As another group of translators is working on this game already, this will not continue as my project. I might just  translate it for my personal use for now. :P

Now, I can rip the scripts from Japanese, Korean, or the fan translated Chinese rom, so I have scripts in 3 languages ready. If someone can help translate any of these into English, please let me know. I already translated some of the non-dialog parts (items, save/load menu, etc.) so only the main dialogs translation for the guys are needed.

And for this one, it's easier to work on the Korean version because the Japanese version doesn't support English alphabets. So if there will be a patch, we will have to patch it to the Korean version (Girlish Love Revolution!! DS).

Here's the random hacks I made. I imported some graphics from Japanese rom to the Korean one, so you'll see Japanese and Korean languages mixed together. (I don't know a single Korean alphabet so I'll have to translate them based on the Japanese ones.)

BTW, it's a story of a junior beauty queen.

Who enjoyed eating a little... too much...

She was lucky to live in the same apartment as some hot guys.

So she tried different things to make herself become a beauty queen again.

With some helps of her cute older brother.

FYI. This game is not voiced, and it is super difficult to get the guys' good endings. (I used 4-5 guides, both English and Japanese, and I still had to play it 8 times until I got one good ending. Other than that, I always got bad, or solo endings. It's insane. T_T)

I'm more interested in the PC version of this game because it's voiced. Not just voiced, the characters in this game are voiced by most of the hottest voice actors in my favorite seiyuu list. XD Anyway, I have no idea how to hack a PC game and my computer's so slow when it runs PC game, so I'll have to stick with this unvoiced DS version.
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